Shards of Jondaar

We join Critical Solutions a half day out from Durham Falls. They make their way back to the city to enter the sewers. Our party arrive at the entrance by the evening and are able to enter the same way they left. The party finds Harold and tells him everything about the experience, including that Sarkoth has a shard and that Arturo Griffen is assisting him. The party does not tell him that they have a shard. They also reveal that the imposter Lady Arti will not be able to hold her shape for much longer. Harold doesn’t know how many shards there are, but he wants to help get all the shards to Oakcrest. Kina Carnesîr asks what he wants them for, and Harold responds that he does not want them for himself, but to help others. He says that he believes that the result of uniting the shards will depend on who collects them.

Upon hearing that Lady Arti will be changing shape, he says that they need to attack the keep tonight. The only entrance he knows of would be into the cellars from the sewers, but it has not yet been used. He suggests that Critical Solutions attacks through the cellar to defeat Lady Arti while the Heralds lay siege from outside to draw off the guards.

Kina Carnesîr asks if Harold knows about Arturo Griffen. Harold has only heard of him as a raider with attacking bands across Amora, laying siege and razing cities.

Our adventurers then purchase a wands and potions wounds and rest for 8 hours. They awake in the middle of the night and prepare to set out. They then approach Harold and tell him they are ready to go. He sends a guide to take Critical Solutions to me cellar. He will lead the siege in the mean time. They move through the sewers until they find the outline of a stone door in the wall and thanks to Harold’s instructions they are able to find the handle.

On the other side they find a room with meat hanging, preparation tables, and stairs leading up at the far wall. In the room are ivory tusks, insect chitin, matted fur, scaly flesh, and more combine to form five hideous humanoid shapes. Kina Carnesîr is able to distinguish them as mongrel men, who often live in sewers to avoid notice. They can also mimic sounds. Kaen Brüzenslag rushes into the room and is quickly surrounded by four of the mongrels. They fail to hit him, and Drahcir Brüzenslag lit two on fire, killing one. Cram charges into the room and ends another of the men. When Veryl enters the room he puts an end to the smouldering remains on the second of Drahcir Brüzenslag’s targets. Kaen Brüzenslag slices through one of them and c,eaves into another. Veryl then walks around him and kicks the last mongrel man in the groin, ending his pathetic existence.

They then proceeded up the stairs, to find a room with overturned furniture and dead guards. Standing over the bodies are three creatures with tiny eyes and a mouth of jagged teeth along with twisted and deformed bodies. Kina Carnesîr is able to tell that they are ogre kin, but that is all. The party slay the ogre kin in short order. Kina Carnesîr and Veryl hear fighting outside the keep, as well as screaming upstairs. At the far end of the room there are two staircases leading upwards. At Veryl’s insistence they take the stairs to the left to climb upwards.

On this floor the party finds doors down the walls, many open with blood pooling from inside. There are guard corpses all over. In the centre there is a large muscular creature with a man’s body and the head of a wolf. Behind him is an immense black wolf, the size of a horse. Kina Carnesîr knows that the large man is a lycanthrope, an evil being with a susceptibility to silver. The wolf is a dire wolf. After defeating them, Veryl hears a scream for help upstairs. The party runs up the left-hand staircase again.

The screaming is coming from the first door on the side. Cram runs to the door and tries unsuccessfully to force it open. Kaen Brüzenslag detects evil on the other side of the door, and Kina Carnesîr detects a faint magical source. Drahcir Brüzenslag and Veryl approach the second door, hearing nothing from the other side. On his second attempt, Cram is able to force the door open revealing a woman in the corner screaming and pointing at the fire in fear. There is a bed as well. Cram enters the room and the woman runs up to hug him. Kaen Brüzenslag barges in and detects evil on the woman, exposing her nature. She says “So strong!” and clings to Cram, sapping him of strength. Her true form is then revealed as a green hag, who has the special quality of mimicry. Kina Carnesîr reduces the hags mind with idiocy, preventing her from casting advanced spells. Kaen Brüzenslag casts smite evil on her. During the fight the hag casts a spell to fill much of the room with smoke. Drahcir Brüzenslag uses wall of wind scroll to dispel some of the smoke. Kaen Brüzenslag lays hands, burning her with Angraad’s fury and dispatching the hideous form.

The party recognizes the diamond necklace on the witch as that which was worn by the imposter. Harold runs in with the soldiers and they celebrate the victory of our adventurers. They declare that tomorrow they will make it official that Critical Solutions are the new lords and lady of Durham Falls. The soldiers reveal that the guards in the keep were disguised evil creatures, which were exposed when the hag lost power.

Drahcir Brüzenslag and Cram recover the dire wolf pelt before the party rest the night while the Heralds repair what they can in the city. The next day Harold pronounces the lords and lady and says he is willing to act as steward in their absence. There is a great feast during which someone bursts in declaring a great menace is bearing down. The adventurers burst out the balcony and see a giant mechanical four-armed machine and an army bearing down on the city, approximately one day away. Harold looks at Critical Solutions and says “We are under siege. What are your orders?”


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