Act 2 - The Great Hunt

The Big City

You make your journey towards Oakcrest with the survivors of Halenshire. Some of you are lethargic, others furiated, while others are drained from the events of the last few days. The mood is soured at the thought of the burning village, and at the rescuing the town villagers is bittersweet. Few words are spoken between you all, except to check in and when to stop.

After 2 and a half days travel, you arrive at the southern gates of Oakcrest. This metropolis has streets crowded with villagers and guards alike. Butchers, Brewers, Cobblers, Woodworkers, Inns, Taverns, Physicians, Blacksmiths, among others, are everywhere here. The city is surrounded by large 10 feet white stone walls, about 2 feet thick.

After the long journey, you decide to head to an inn and rest for the night.

Kina Dream

You are walking through the forests. You recognize this place as the witch coven you and your mother Nienna discovered when you were younger. You turn your head and notice that there are dead animals all over the forest grass, slaughtered… Suddenly, you see the Elder Witch, Ellia, standing in front of you, blood streaming down her face… She whispers “The Great Hunt Begins…”

Drachir & Kaen

You are walking through a stone cavern dimly lit by torches hanging off the walls. The steady sound of metal hitting metal echoes off the walls and gets louder. A butterfly flies by you both and makes its way down the stone corridor. You follow it, as it seems to lead you closer to the the hammering sound. When you round a corner, you see your father hammering an anvil with Torag’s hammer. The butterfly lands on his shoulder as he turns towards you and speaks “The Great Hunt Begins…”


You are kneeling in your monastery, meditating. The room is dimly lit by candles that surround you and a faint smell of jasmine helps to concentrate and focus your mind on meditating. You begin to Ohm, and you notice you are not the only person in the room as you feel your master performing his Ohms next to you. After you both exhale, he looks to you and whispers “The Great Hunt Begins…”..


You are standing in an Orc tent, the room is dimly light by torches. The Orc Chieftain stands in front of you, breathing deeply, his eyes red. You wonder what you have done to disappoint him, to anger him, but he just continues glaring at you. Suddenly, he turns around and grabs something out of sight. When he turns back to you, he hands you a massive Great Sword coated in blood and says to you “The Great Hunt Begins…”


You find yourself on the open seas, a terrible storm makes your boat lurch violently from side to side. And to make matters worse, you see grappling hooks cling to the side of the boat. You look around and realize you are alone on the ship. You scramble to the edges and begin to pry one grappling hook after another off your boat. But there’s too many. You turn and notice the steering wheel spinning wildly to starboard, throwing you off your feet. You notice your accordion is pierced in multiple places, the winds creating a ghastly sound as they pass through it. You look up from the broken instrument and find yourself surrounded by pirates. They all speak to you in unison: “The Great Hunt Begins…”


You’re back at the Toad and Whore Inn, shuffling around the place as you bring patrons their orders. Right before you put down an order at the table, a wooden wall slides up from the ground, blocking your path. You hurry back to the bar, but another wall blocks you, this one falling from the ceiling. You drop the order to the ground, food and ale covering the floor. You hear the familiar scowling from Madam Berth coming from around the walls. You see the stairs leading up to the second floor, but an enormous foot slams down and blocks the way up. You turn around to see the entrance door still in view, but Madame Berth is standing there, blocking the path. You hesitantly try to slide underneath her, but she manages to grab you by the shoulders before you reach the door. She stares you, dead in the eyes and says “The Great Hunt Begins…”


You find yourself kneeling in the middle of the woods, surrounded by the trees and sound of wildlife. The moon shines down at you from above, masking dark shapes that begin to shuffle from the trees. They make a distinct growl and snuff as black bears approach you from all sides. You stand up and prepare yourself from the attacks, calculating and planning your moves. Animals act on instinct, but you’ve mastered your instincts. Suddenly, a cold chill runs through your body, radiating from your back. You quickly turn and are confronted by a hooded creature, it’s face hidden behind the ragged cloak. You notice it’s arm, pale and scarred, reaches out to you chest, it’s hand passing through your skin. The bears all sit in unison around you and the creature, watching the display. The creature’s eyes glow red and a raspy voice says “The Great Hunt Begins…”


You’re back in the village Yarfloon. The bodies of your clanmates lay on the ground motionless, their blood covering the ground around them. A strong blizzard blows all around you, but seem to fade away around the bodies. Without warning, they all begin to slowly rise to their feet. You notice their eyes are all empty, trails of blood leaking down from their empty sockets. Though their eyes are gone, they seem to be looking right at you. You run away from them. You turn around the bend, but stumble down a steep hill, the snow making the surface slick. You tumble down and finally hit a pile of straw. You wipe the stars from your eyes and see that you are sitting in a large round nest made of straw. Next to you, an egg the size of a human lay cracked open in two, one side blackened from what appears to be years of decay. A body’s top half is emerged from the egg, perpendicular from the ground. It hangs on its side, lifeless, it’s hip laying on a part of the broken egg. The eyes are also missing, but you recognize Korinn immediately. Her heads twists upwards and looks at you “The Great Hunt Begins…”

Act 2 - The Great Hunt

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